The Holy One in Your Midst

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„With `The Holy One in your midst´ Beate Sauer has created a consistently exciting and highly readable work with a precisely characterized female Police Inspector. In addition, the whole story is set in an unfamiliar milieu – a monastery, which brought additional surprises. Classy!“
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The Holy One in Your Midst

Detective novel: A commissioner who has “not much time“ for the church, a murdered Catholic priest and a whole pile of motives.

Not an easy case for Inspector Jakoba Strykowski, as the much-loved priest and Professor, Veit Kadamczik, is found murdered outside the door of his office. After all, she has little sympathy for the church. But now she must get involved in the secluded world of a religious order to investigate the crime – and not only that, she must do this together with her colleague Werner Arlt, with whom she really doesn't want to work any more. In the monastery there are strict rules and seems to be much secrecy. Finally, she finds a suspect, but one whose guilt Jakoba is not really convinced of. Then another transgression against the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" takes place ...

Grafit paperback, March 1999, ISBN 978-3894252205, 214 pages, € 8,50

(Excellent – then still unpublished – First Prize in the crime novel section of the 10th North Rhine-Westphalia Authors' Meeting, 1997)