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„With `The Holy One in your midst´ Beate Sauer has created a consistently exciting and highly readable work with a precisely characterized female Police Inspector. In addition, the whole story is set in an unfamiliar milieu – a monastery, which brought additional surprises. Classy!“
Gießener Anzeiger

Press Reviews "The Holy One in Your Midst"

„After reading this entertaining crime novel debut, a thriller fan – even when from a religious point of view this sounds a bit cynical – would wish to read of another case in which Inspector Strykowksi is involved and which has a Christian setting.“
Glaube und Leben

„The history and the dead are of course contrived: everything else – life in a religious order, the interpretations of the Bible, everyday life with its small and larger intrigues in a university (also a religious one) – it's all portrayed very authentically. One senses that the author knows what she is writing about.“
Regional television, Thuringia

„Also on Sunday someone will be murdered: Just as well, if the result is such a fascinating book.“

„A good thriller, gripping to the end, a glimpse of the love life of Jakoba Strykowski, an unusual setting and many characters who had a motive to 'help transport' the priest and professor to the afterlife.“
Ruhr Nachrichten

„Riveting right up to the end.“
Lübecker Nachrichten