The Illuminator

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„The story of the illuminator Donata, who is persecuted by the Inquisition, because she draws people and medicinal plants as if they were alive, is really so exciting that you can not put this book down.“

The Illuminator

A young book illuminator becomes a key figure in the power struggle between Emperor Frederick II and Pope Gregory IX. The historical detective novel was nominated for the Glauser prize, 2006.

In an icy winter at the beginning of the year 1235: Donata, a young illuminator, has been on the run from the Inquisition for four years. In the Eifel she is an accidental witness to the murder of an inquisitor by Cardinal Enzio of Trent. Enzio is travelling on the orders of Pope Gregory IX. It is intended for him to form an alliance that will aim to overthrow the Emperor Frederick II and to give Gregory sole supremacy in the West. Though secretly, Enzio is pursuing his own aims – he wants to take over the papal throne. After Enzio found out that Donata had witnessed the murder, he pursues her, using the excuse that she is a heretic. And yet someone else is aware of Donata and is after her: Roger, a spy of Frederick's, who is on Enzio's heels and wants to thwart his plans. As Donata learns about the two who are chasing after her, it's almost too late. She is the key figure in a treacherous intrigue. Not only her own life is threatened, but also the lives of the people she loves. To save them, Donata must face up to the demons from her past.

Grafit paperback, February 2005, ISBN 978-3894256005, 537 pages, € 12
E-Book Grafit, December 2010, ISBN 978-3894258436, € 9.99
Goldmann paperback, April 2006, ISBN 978-3442461783, 528 pages, € 8,95