The Taste of the Deadly Nightshade

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„Are there still really good, readable historical novels, which stand out from the current mass market offerings? Is there something new? There is! For in the thriller `The taste of the deadly nightshade´ the author has managed to set the action in an exciting time in history – almost 2000 years ago.“
Kölner Express

The Taste of the Deadly Nightshade

Historical crime novel: The roles seem clearly defined: Arria, the young murder suspect, is the one targetted, and the former Centurion, Valerian, is the hunter. But who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?

95 AD, Roman occupied Germany: The young widow Arria is poised to begin a new life. One last time, she cooks to serve a foreign master, then she will open her own taverna. But before the feast is over, Arria's dreams collapse. Cassius, a guest, dies of poison, and Arria is suspected of having killed him. She is able to escape and realizes that she has only one chance: She must find the real murderer. Always in danger of being found out, she investigates and finds something strange – the Chatti, a hostile Germanic tribe, are under way on Roman territory, and Cassius, the murder victim, must have known this. Was he part of a conspiracy? Arria is arrested before she can investigate further. Her pursuer Valerian, a former Roman centurion, has no doubts about her guilt. But then Valerian gets a first hand feel for how quickly the hunter can become the hunted, and his certainties become shaken.

Grafit paperback, July 2008, ISBN 978-3894256081, 477 pages, € 10,50