The Woman Warrior

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"`The Woman Warrior´ is a fast-paced historical novel that has excited and captivated the reader – as has not occurred for a long time. A unique story is related, without repeating the usual medieval clichés, and it combines power with great feeling. All the characters seem novel and sophisticated, imaginative plot lines are convincingly linked with each other and the whole book is full of atmosphere."
WDR 4 (German radio channel)

The Woman Warrior

Historical crime novel: A young woman and two men inexorably strive towards each other in their struggle against a dark force.

In the middle of the 13th Century: Sicilian peasants find a severely injured young woman – the victim of a robbery – and bring her to a nearby monastery. The monks manage to rescue the wounded woman, but she has no recollection of who she is. Teresa, as she will henceforth be called, proves to be a healer. And is still under the spell of a dark power, from which she cannot get free. At the same time, the imperial spy Alessio is on the trail of conspirators, who are planning to kill the Emperor Frederick II. But again and again, Alessio's enemies succeed in hindering his investigations. Meanwhile, Olivier, the former Templar, is reluctantly investigating a mysterious death in the Order. When he discovers that there is indeed a murder, his hunting instincts are awakened. Neither Oliver nor Alessio guess that the key to all this is the woman named Teresa. As she herself finally realizes who she really is, it appears that a disaster cannot be averted.

Grafit paperback, September 2010, ISBN 978-3894256135, 448 pages, € 12
E-Book Grafit (Publishers), October 2010, ISBN 978-3894258214, € 11.99
Bertelsmann Buchclub, July 2011, ISBN 120561089, 448 pages, € 10