At the Court of the Lioness

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"O, how I enjoyed this book. I had a real desire to read a historical novel. It was really pleasing to experience how Beate Sauer writes with such an eye for detail. More, more, more of this, please!"

At the Court of the Lioness

Historical novel about love and intrigue at the court of Henry I – a courageous young woman caught between the fronts in the struggle for the throne of England.

Southern England, 1127: The young serf Aline flees from the farm of her brutal owner. The farm servants recapture her only too soon. But before they can carry Aline off, she is rescued by the noble lady Matilda, daughter and heiress to King Henry I. Aline remains at Matilda's side: First as a loyal servant, then as a confidante. At the royal court, she meets the young Ethan. The two fall in love. But Ethan is part of the group of Matilda's rivals for the throne. Soon, the couple will have to split up, in the turmoil of a terrible civil war.

Goldmann paperback, July 2011, ISBN 978-3442468263, 448 pages, € 8,99