The Star of Theophanu

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„Beate Sauer convinces, yet again, with a mix of suspense, historical facts and elegant style in `The Star of Theophanu´.“
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The Star of Theophanu

Historical novel: Love and betrayal in the early Middle Ages – a young woman fights for the emperor's crown and finds love.

In 972 the young Byzantine princess Theophanu is for reasons of power politics married to the heir to the imperial throne, Otto II. The girl from the most brilliant metropolis of the time needs to assert herself in a totally alien, harsh world. As Theophanu falls unexpectedly and passionately in love with her husband, she becomes familiar with, and accustomed to, the unfamiliar. This enables her not only to defy the men who stood in her path, but also to defy her mother-in-law. She also fights courageously at Otto's side for the imperial crown. Despite all the machinations of her powerful opponents, finally Theophanu becomes the mightiest ruler in the west.

Goldmann paperback, 2009, ISBN 978-3442468164, 574 pages, € 9.95
Goldmann E-Book, 2009, ISBN 978-3641027308, € 8,99